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Broadleaf weeds in pastures

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LEARN how to control weeds

Weeds complete with desirable pasture species by competing for nutrients and moisture. Weeds pasture are low in nutritional quality and reduce the amount of stock your pastures can carry and also reduce the quality of any hay produced from your land.

Weeds blow in from roadsides, neighbouring properties or are carried onto your property by birds or when you buy in hay. Controlling weeds in pasture increases productivity and reduces weed seeds which persistently spread the problem. Some weeds have the potential to poison stock. Weeds such as erodium produce sharp arrow shaped seeds which can affect the quality of wool and irritate stock.

Pasture invaders such as ragwort, Paterson's curse (Salvation Jane) and others are declared noxious weeds and penalties apply for not controlling these weeds on your property.

Weed force offers you some excellent solutions to control most broad leaf weeds in grass and sub clover and based pastures. Click on the  Control Tab below to learn more.

CONTROL products to control weeds

ESTABLISHED GRASS BASED PASTURES (Not suitable for sub clover based pastures.)
(scroll down further to see options for sub clover based pastures)

1. BROAD SWEEP broad leaf herbicide

  • BroadSweep is the best general purpose broad leaf herbicide for use in established grass pastures
  • Controls range of broad leaf weeds in pastures and turf situations including:-
  • Thistles, flatweeds and plantains.
  • This option is not an effective way to kill grasses or grass weeds.
  • This option will result in damage to broad leaf pasture species including clover and medics.

2. RENOVATE broad leaf & woody weed herbicide

  • Renovate controls a specific range of tough broad leaf weeds in pastures including:- Dock, sorrel, Paterson's curse, ragwort, onion grass, and oxalis. 
  • Renovate herbicide does not control established thistles or capeweed - where thistles are present consider a tank mix option. Refer to BROAD SWEEP or THISS-OFF herbicide labels for more information.
  • This option is not an effective way to kill grasses or grass weeds.
  • This option will result in damage to broad leaf pasture species including clover and medics.

3. BROAD SWEEP Pasture Weed Combo 

  • Combines the strengths of both Broad Sweep and Renovate herbicides combined with Holdfast, a premium wetting agent.
  • Controls over 45 broad leaf weeds in established grass pastures
  • Ideal for weedy paddocks where there is a wide variety of broad leaf weeds present.


1. THISS-OFF thistle & broad leaf herbicide

  • Controls thistles and a wide range of broad leaf weeds in grass and sub clover pastures. Refer to the product label for a full list of weeds controlled.
  • This option is not an effective way to kill grasses or grass weeds.
  • This option is suitable for use in sub clover and grass based pastures when used in accordance with label instructions.
  • Best results are obtained when "spray- graze" technique is used. This technique involves heavy grazing pressure following spraying. Refer to product label for more details and for appropriate withholding period prior to grazing.

PREVENT How to prevent weeds from coming back

The best way to prevent invasive broad leaf weeds is to maintain strong and healthy pasture growth. Pastures block light from the ground which causes invasive weeds to germinate. Strong dense pasture growth dramatically reduces weed emergence.

Once you have got the broadleaf weeds under control, consider improving pasture composition with vigorous and nutritious pasture species and fertilising to maintain healthy growth

SPRAY tips and hints

Always refer to the product label to determine the suitability of the product for your intended purpose.

Accuracy is the key to the safe and effective use of weed killers. 

Calibrate your sprayer to know how much water it will apply to a given area. In this way you can accurately determine the appropriate rate of weed killer required to be mixed in the sprayer tank.

You can learn more about this topic in the Weed Force Library.

CAUTION to be aware of

BROAD SWEEP, RENOVATE & THISS-OFF HERBICIDES should not be used in the vicinity of grape vines and other sensitive crops. Refer to and follow label instructions before using this product


Recommended Products

From $165 Thiss-Off herbicide Controls thistles and broad leaf weeds in pastures

For Use In:

Grass and sub clover based pastures

Target Weeds:

  • Excellent thistle control on most species
  • Effective broad spectrum broad leaf weed control
  • Good option for controlling a broad range of broad leaf weeds in grass and sub clover based pastures
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From $55 StandOut Bio dye Highly Efficient red vegetation marking dye

For Use In:

  • For use as a vegetation marking tool when required as directed on the product label

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From $95 Broad Sweep Pasture Weed Combo Controls over 45 different broadleaf weeds in grass pastures

For Use In:

Grass Pastures

Target Weeds:

The BROAD SWEEP PASTURE WEED COMBO controls over 45 broadleaf weeds including:
  • Thistles
  • Dock
  • Sorrel
  • Ragwort
  • Onion grass
  • Paterson's Curse/Salvation Jane
  • Heliotrope
  • Bindy-eye
  • Dandelion
  • Capeweed
  • Soursob
  • Catsear
  • Bathurst burr
  • Horehound
  • Khaki weed 
And many other weeds

Refer to the product labels for a full list of weeds controlled 
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From $40 Broad Sweep broadleaf herbicide equivalent to Kamba M - Controls broadleaf, flat weeds and thistles in lawns and pastures

For Use In:

  • Lawns & Turf ( not Buffalo Grass varieties)
  • Grass pastures
  • Non-crop areas
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$45 Renovate Broadleaf and Woody Weed Herbicide Controls Bracken, Blackberry and many Broadleaf weeds

For Use In:

Renovate herbicide is a low dose, low toxicity product which can be used safely around stock.

Renovate is two products in one. It controls a wide range both WOODY & PASTURE weeds. It is relatively slow acting compared with other woody weed herbicides but very effective in achieving long term control.

Target Weeds:

WOODY WEEDS  strengths include Blackberry & Bracken

PASTURE WEEDS strengths include
Paterson's Curse 
Oxalis ( Soursob)
Onion Grass

and many other weeds as listed on the label
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