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Effective Weed Control with Professional Herbicides

Buying herbicides for hobby farms and small lots is not as straight forward as it first seems. Most of us are familiar with Roundup or glyphosate based products for general weed control (non-selective weed control) but the hobby farm environment presents more challenges than the simple home garden solutions offered by the big hardware stores.
For example there are certainly many non-selective herbicide situations where herbicides such as glyphosate are used to control everything that is sprayed).

What about these situations:-
  • Controlling weeds around buildings, along fence lines, driveways and yards where it would be ideal to apply a soil active and long acting herbicide capable of controlling weeds and subsequent germinations for many months
  • Controlling woody weeds such as blackberry, gorse and bracken in pasture
  • Controlling troublesome broadleaf weeds in pasture such as dock, sorrel, thistles and flat weeds without unnecessary damage to the pasture.
  • Controlling weeds with grazing friendly herbicides in pasture or along fence lines where stock are or are likely to be grazing
What most people are unaware of is that it is possible buy the professional grade products capable of delivery successful results in such a variety of situations.

Also what people generally don't realise that there are available versions of Roundup which are concentrated and professional grade intended for heavy duty commercial application such as railway line and roadsides. The concept of Weed Force was based on making available this range of professional herbicides to you in affordable, relevant and user friendly pack sizes.

These products are professional grade and are stronger and work much better than the stuff you can buy at Bunnings and Masters.

Selecting the Right Weed Killer for the Job

To get the best result you need to first determine which product is most suitable. Weed Force Herbicides and weed killers can be broken down into six main categories:-

Control existing weeds in lawn and turf
Control existing weeds and subsequent emerging weeds for up to 12 months
Control various woody weeds (eg blackberry)
Control various weeds in pastures
Wetting Agents to improve results
Marking Dyes

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We only sell professional products used by industry and commercial contractors.