Boom spray/broadcast application

Step 1. Calculate Sprayer Applicaton Rate

You will need - measure tape & measure jug graduated in mLs

Spray width (in metres)
Measure wetted area excluding feathered edges ?SEE MORE
Types of Nozzles ?SEE MORE
Number of Nozzles ?SEE MORE
Average output per Nozzle (in mLs)
Measure how many mLs collected in 1 minute. 1000mLs = 1L

* Must enter in Millilitres
Preferred Speed of Travel

Step 2. Calculate Mixing Rate

Sprayer Application rate
Litres (L) / Hectare (ha)
Use our application rate calculator above first
Tank size (Litres)
Volume of spray to prepare in Litres
Select Situation
Select Herbicide
Application Rate
Refer to label for specific weed and rate
Select Additional Herbicide
Select Wetting Agent


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Quickstart guide What you should know

This tool will help users of Weed Force herbicides to mix and apply Weed Force products accurately

Weed Force Spray Calculator provides quick and accurate calculation for...

  • boom & broadcast sprayer output (ie calibration*)
  • tank mix calculations based on preloaded typical or custom mixing rates (including commonly used combinations such as knockdown & pre-emergence herbicides and wetting agents)
Once a few important inputs are entered your calibration and mixing rates are calculates in seconds!

After determining the most suitable product and application rate from the relevant Weed Force product label, these are the simple inputs you will need to use the tool:-

Spray Calibration

This is the information you will need to use the spray calibration calculator which determines your sprayer application rate:
  • Number of different type of nozzles on your sprayer
  • Nozzle output (the amount of water collected from each nozzle type in mLs per minute - collect water flow from each nozzle type over 60 sec to determine this)
  • Spray width (measure the wetted spray width on the ground to determine this)
The calculator does the rest for you!

Mixing Rate 

Enter the Weed Force Product and rate from the product label or use pre-loaded examples built into the calculator. 

Custom rates can be entered. Simply input your tank size and the calculator does the rest for you!

Before you start Read the label

Spray Tips and Hints

Caution To be aware of

Weed Force gives no warranties, express or implied regarding the accuracy of this calculator. The information is provided as examples and is general in nature and does not constitute advice nor recommendation. You personally are responsible to read the relevant product labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and determine a product's suitability, appropriate rate and use patterns for your situation. Sole responsibility and risk associated with the use of this information, irrespective of the purpose to which it is applied is accepted by the user.
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