Kamba M Herbicide

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1 Litre BROAD SWEEP herbicide (equivalent to Kamba M) - Try our brand and save
Pack treats 1500m2
5 Litre Kamba M herbicide
Pack treats 1ha
5 Litre BROAD SWEEP herbicide (equivalent to Kamba M) - Try our brand and save
Pack treats 1ha

Product information

Kamba M controls certain broadleaf weeds in grass pastures,turf ( except Buffalo grass) and  non-crop areas as detailed in the product label.

Mixing Rates and Coverage

At typical use rates of Kamba M:

small areas:  66 mls in 10L water per 100m2

Medium areas: 330 mls in 50L water per 1000m2

Large areas: 6.5L per hectare

Always refer to the product label to determine suitability for your situation


  • Effective broad spectrum broad leaf weed control
  • Excellent thistle control on many species
  • Rapid brown-out of broadleaf weeds
  • Good option for controlling mixed stands broadleaf weeds in pastures

Where to Use

  • Grass Pastures
  • Lawns & Turf (not Buffalo varieties)
  • Non-crop areas
Kamba M will severly damage or kill clover, lucerne and medics. so should not be used in pastures where maintaining these species is desired.

Turf situations: Do not apply to Buffalo Grass as severe damage will result

Weeds Controlled

Certain broadleaf weeds in pastures including:-
  • Dock
  • Clover
  • Ragwort
  • Thistles - many species
  • Heliotrope
  • Bindy-eye
  • Dandelion
  • Cape weed
  • Catsear
  • Bathurst burr
  • Horehound
  • Khaki weed and
  • many other weeds as listed on the label
Only apply to actively growing weeds.

Dot not apply if rain seems likely to occur within 4 hours

Useful Tank Mixes

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Other Useful Information

  • Kamba M is a liquid formulation that is intended to be mixed with water

Always refer to and follow the product label before using this product
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