StandOut Bio dye

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StandOut Bio is a highly efficient red liquid vegetation  marking dye which can be added to water to identify areas which have been sprayed or areas or to be sprayed.

Mixing Rates and Coverage

  • At typical use rates mix 100 ml of StandOut Bio dye with 100 litres water.


  • An effective red liquid dye for marking vegetation
  • Avoids missing weeds improving the weed control operation.
  • Displays deep red colour on difficult to mark foliage
  • Excellent for use on blackberry and gorse
  • Low toxicity to aquatic organisms
  • Does NOT contain rhodamine

Active Ingredients

Diazo Dye Preparation

Where to Use

  • For use as a vegetation marking tool

Useful Tank Mixes

Withholding Periods/Stock Restrictions

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