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LEARN how to control weeds

Most herbicides these days are safe when used in accordance with the label however many require that stock be removed from the treated area for a period of days or weeks following application.

This poses a real headache for hobby farm and small lot holders... where do you move your stock to for days or months when you want to spray broadleaf weeds in your pastures or spray woody weeds in stock paddocks, treat firebreaks or fence lines? The answer?... Weed Force grazing friendly products.

EVICT BIO 360 and RENOVATE BROADLEAF & WOODY herbicides do not require stock to be removed from treated areas
(NB whilst the products themselves pose no threat, sometimes treated and dying weeds often become more palatable to stock, if these themselves are poisonous these may pose an independent threat to some stock).

Weed force offers you two excellent solutions to control most weeds in areas where stock are grazing without the need to remove them. (refer to the label for specific instructions including weeds controlled and applicable application rates)

1:  EVICT BIO 360 for general weed control. Evict Bio 360 is a non residual general purpose weed killer. It controls all vegetation sprayed and is ideal to use :-
  • For general weeds around sheds and equipment
  • For weed control along fence lines and firebreaks
  • For the control of many Woody weeds
NB - whenever Evict Bio 360 is used,  as it is a general weed killer,  this option will result in ALL sprayed vegetation being killed. refer to the product label before using.

2:  RENOVATE BROADLEAF & WOODY HERBICIDE  for selective control of woody and broadleaf weeds in grass pastures
  • Renovate herbicide is effective on a wide range of woody and broadleaf weeds
  • Renovate herbicide used selective in most established grass pastures ( refer to product label for more info)
  • When using Renovate herbicide alone a wetting agent penetrant such as HOLDFAST PENETRANT  & WETTING AGENT must be added.
  • When using Renovate herbicide to control woody weeds such as blackberry and bracken, HOLDFAST PENETRANT & WETTING AGENT must be added.  For more information about controlling woody weeds refer to the Weed Force Woody and Brush weed section.

CONTROL products to control weeds

Situation > General Weed Control Pasture Weeds Woody Weeds
Key Weeds General weeds including some woody weeds Onion grass Docks Sorrel Oxalis/Soursob Blackberry Bracken
Useful Comments Kills all vegetation. Useful for spot spraying or spraying where total vegetation control is desired Stock friendly-no need to remove stock. Renovate herbicide will kill clover and legumes. Not registered for use on lawns Stock friendly-no need to remove stock. Renovate herbicide will kill clover and legumes. Not registered for use on lawns
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PREVENT How to prevent weeds from coming back

The best way to prevent pasture weeds is to maintain strong and healthy pasture growth. Pastures block light from the ground which causes woody weed seeds to germinate. Strong dense pasture growth dramatically reduces woody weed emergence.

Once you have got the pasture weeds under control, consider improving pasture composition with vigorous and nutritious pasture species and fertilising to maintain healthy growth

SPRAY tips and hints

Always refer to the product label to determine the suitability of the product for your intended purpose.

Accuracy is the key to the safe and effective use of weed killers. 

Calibrate your sprayer to know how much water it will apply to a given area. In this way you can accurately determine the appropriate rate of weed killer required to be mixed in the sprayer tank.

You can learn more about this topic in the Weed Force Library.

Recommended Products

From $39 Evict Bio 360 herbicide
General purpose - Frog Friendly - non residual weed killer

For Use In:

Evict Bio 360 is a broad spectrum herbicide which 
kills most broadleaf and grass weeds.
  • Non-residual which kills Weeds but is non-residual in the soil. 
  • Suitable for use anywhere in the garden & around aquatic environments

Target Weeds:

Controls most grasses, broadleaf, and woody weeds

Useful Tank Mixes:

Add Sidekick to improve penetration and reduce spray drift
Add Weed Stop to stop new weeds for up to 9 months
Add Fang 240 for Marshmallow and Nettle control
Add Fang 240 for faster brownout
Recommended or Essential Wetting Agent
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$45 Renovate Broadleaf and Woody Weed Herbicide
Controls Bracken, Blackberry and many Broadleaf weeds

For Use In:

Renovate herbicide is a low dose, low toxicity product which can be used safely around stock.

Renovate is two products in one. It controls a wide range both WOODY & PASTURE weeds. It is relatively slow acting compared with other woody weed herbicides but very effective in achieving long term control.

Target Weeds:

WOODY WEEDS  strengths include Blackberry & Bracken

PASTURE WEEDS strengths include
Paterson's Curse 
Oxalis ( Soursob)
Onion Grass

and many other weeds as listed on the label

Useful Tank Mixes:

Add Holdfast wetting agent and penetrant to improve herbicide performance on tough weeds
Recommended or Essential Wetting Agent
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